Welcome to the Singapore Malaysia Association, our association was formed in 1991 as Club Singapore Toronto and over the years, and successive committees  the club has evolved from a group of golf aficionados into a thriving, ever-expanding, community organization with a solid foundation.

With two primary events – a Chinese New Year’s Dinner during the winter and a joint National Day Dinner in summer – as well as several other events held in between, we provide an opportunity to meet and mingle with other members of the community.

The Singapore Malaysia Association acts as a focal point for members of the community to get together and exchange information on socio-economic developments in Singapore, Malaysia and the region but as you can see from the pictures above, we are also about having fun! We have a little something for everyone, young or old, business or pleasure – and everyone is welcomed to join us for our activities. You can also visit our Welcome Wagon page where we have listed products and services most newcomers to Canada may require.

Our growth has been a result of many generous individuals participating in the Association’s committees and sub-committees who have donated their time to not only ensure that the infrastructure is always in place and running smoothly but more importantly, to have a good time while making things happen for the organization. We welcome you to our humble association and encourage you to get involved.

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